Forkbeard's Marching Song

Written by Potter, this song used to be a firm favourite when Forkbeard was around.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of his horde,

They are stamping on the heads of Saxons slain upon the shore.

They are always looking for a fight, and they’ll never be bored!

‘Cause Forkbeard’s marching on!


Glory, glory, he’s a Viking!

Glory, glory, he’s a Viking!

Glory, glory, he’s a Viking!

Yes, Forkbeard’s marching on!

He’s the first one into battle, and in leaving he’s the last.

His pale enemies do fear his axe, they’ll soon be fleeing fast;

‘Cause he’s had a pint or two, and now he’s gonna kick some arse!

Yes, Forkbeard’s striding on!


The enemy have shown their worth, and cowardly turned their backs!

So now Forkbeard’s chasing after them and shouting “Oi, come back!”

He hasn’t finished with them yet, yes truly it’s a fact

That Forkbeard’s charging on!


He had a touch of wanderlust and sailed across the sea.

He pillaged cross two islands and he drank up all their tea,

And now he has come home to us with gold and tasty mead!

Yes Forkbeard’s sailing on!


So now he’s sat upon his throne for all the world to see,

With his Dane-axe in his right hand and Miranda on his knee.

If they carry on the way they are, then they will soon be three!

‘Cause Forkbeard’s marching on!

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