This is the online version of the old BatSoc and Hrafn songbooks.

At our shows across the summer there are a variety of songs that we will end up singing most evenings, this is an attempt to collect some of them in one place so that we can all end up singing the same songs for once!

Note, some of these songs are history-themed, some are not, we don't have a public audience in the evenings (officially), so we sing whatever we can remember at the time. Some of these were written by members of the group, whereas some are old favourites that have become a part of group tradition. Where possible, the author of the song will be included - feel free to let me know if I have got it wrong.

Come Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl

Forkbeard's Marching Song

Hail Thor

Olaf Was A Viking Raider

Over The Hills (Traditional Version)

Over The Hills (Loki Version)

Rolling Home

Scotsman's Kilt

Swing Low (Sweet Dane Axe)

Wild Rover (Of Draum Broedr)

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